Avari Mata temple

Avari Mata temple
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Avari Mata Temple is located in Aasawara, Bhadesar, Chittorgrah District, Rajasthan. This is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Avari Mata. In the temple complex, there is a sacred pond and a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. According to religious scholars and experts, this shrine has been largely visited by people seeking a traditional cure for polio and paralysis. It is a miraculous Hindu temple that is the most sought after and frequented in northern India and particularly in the state of Rajasthan.

The temple is believed to have special powers to heal people and devotees visit this temple to heal themselves from many ailments that are chronic and became incurable over years. There is a custom of bringing oil to the temple where the oil is purified with mantra and sacred chants and used for treatments, as the oil is applied to the affected areas, it is believed that the patient is cured. Devotees also attend the daily Avari Mata aarti, which is sacred and the large number of devotees attend aarti. The occasion of Navrati and Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with great pomp and spectacle.

The Avari Mata temple is based on simple local architectural patterns and styles. It is not based on the architectural styles and patterns of Hindu temples in North India or on the architectural features of Rajasthani. It is a unique ancient Hindu temple in Rajasthan. The temple facilities are really huge compared to other Hindu temples that belong to the ancient or medieval period in North India. There are sub-temples located within the temple complex in a unique Hindu pattern. It is a highly fortified Hindu temple with two main entrance gates with small towers. The main shrine and the Hanuman temple are the main attractions in the aspect of architectural and religious importance. It is one of the famous temples in southern Rajasthan state. It is very close to the Saliyag temple. The walls of the temple have images of local gods and goddesses. The idol of the deities is installed on the raised platform in the main shrines.

Avari Mata Temple is known for the religious celebration of Hanuman Jayanthi in a grand way in the temple complex. On the eve of this festival, a large number of devout adherents, pilgrims and locals participate in the religious affair of this temple. A special pooja for Lord Hanuman is performed in a religious way. It must be remembered that most Hindu festivals and auspicious days are celebrated with a special Aarti at this particular shrine with great perfection.

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