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The Khajrana Ganesh Temple is a pilgrimage center in Indore in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, dedicated to Ganesha. Built during the reign of the Holkar dynasty.


This temple was built in 1735 by Queen Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar of the Holkar dynasty. Devotees surround the temple and tie a string to pray to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of his work. The ancient idol in the temple is said to have been seen in a dream by a local priest, Pandit Mangal Bhatt. Later, Ahilyabai Holkar excavated said idol from under the ground and installed it in a temple. From where she took off the idol, there is a well, which is right in front of the temple.

One of the richest Ganesh temples in the country

This Ganapati ji temple is considered one of the richest Ganesh temples in the country. After the fulfillment of their wishes, the devotees come here and offer their offerings openly.

What is the miracle of the inverted swastika?

In the Khajrana temple, behind the temple of Lord Ganesha, people make an inverted swastika symbol on the back of Lord Ganesha and return after the fulfillment of the vow make a straight swastika. This trend is said to have been going on here for many years. It is believed that making an upside down swastika in this temple would fulfill all wishes. Another belief is that tying a thread while doing three loops at the temple also satisfies wishes.

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