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One of the ancient temples in Rajasthan is the Jhalarapatan Sun Temple. The construction of this temple is said to have been done by Nag Bhatt II in Vikram Samvat 872, so it will be built in 815 AD. This temple is also known as Padmanabha Temple, Big Temple, and Seven Friends Temple. The architecture of these temples resembles that of the Konark Sun Temple and the Khajuraho temple. The construction of the temple is like the chariot of the sun, in which seven horses are withering away, similarly the cornerstone of this temple looks as if seven horses are there. There is a statue of Lord Vishnu in the womb of the temple. Colonel JamesTod also named it the quadrilateral temple (Chaturbhuja Mandir).

To enter the temple, the Toran Gate is made of three sides. There is a pavilion in the middle that is articulated on huge columns. Working as a team on pillars is incredible. The murtiya temple, which is engraved on the three sides of the temple outside the temple womb and the temple idol, is a unique example of architecture. The top of the temple is about 97 feet high from the ground floor. The most wonderful thing is that the idol of Virgit sadhu on the four sides of the temple, the arrangement of these idols is so beautiful that this idol is absolutely alive, it seems as if a sadhu is really turning around. The thumb and thumb statue are worth seeing. The hairstyle of the statues, the jata, the turban and the Mukha kraya or the other person also feels absolutely alive.

Is the heroines idol on the left side of the temple so charming and sensual that you start to wonder about the idols of this temple that made the idols of this temple and they did it with hammers or magic? The beauty of the heroines’ idols engraved on the outside of the temple overwhelms you. Bodybuilding has become so napa-inclined, and Bhavimaye Bhangima is also so lively that you feel like all these things will come to life at night. The whole world is engraved around the temple, the sculptors have done it. Perhaps the sculptor will honor his own soul while he makes idols.

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